Connect Nokia XpressMusic 5530 to Wifi (WPA-Radius)

How to connect Nokia XpressMusic 5530 with WPA/WPA2 enterprise (Radius)

PDA and GSM that have Wifi technologies are common today (iPhone, Nokia, ...). It is easy to connect this kind of device to home network (often protected by basic techniques like WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK). But is is quite complex to connect this kind of device to corporate network. This article explain, step-by-step, how to connect such device (like my Nokia XpressMusic 5530) to WPA/Radius/MSChap compatible wifi network.


What you need ?


Protection of Wifi by Radius needs the use of certificates. Often, certificates used for this kind of service are internal (not public) certificate. It was generated by local PKI installed inside the enterprise. So, before established a connection with the corporate network, you need:

  • the public root certificate, the authority that have signed the certificate used by your enterprise. It is needed to validate and trust the certificate used by the Radius.

The format of the root certificate can be PEM-encoded (ASCII) or DER-encoded (binary). Some device supports only one format. My Nokia XpressMusic 5530 supports only the DER-encoded format.



How to proceed ?


Step 1: download the Root certificate to your phone (by web or bluetooth) Step 2: using the file browser application, click and open the downloaded file and click on all "Accept" button to confirm its validity Step 3: configure WPA access to the phone (Parameters > Connectivity > Destinations). Enter all parameters like SSID, ... Step 4: configure WLAN security (EAP) Step 5: on the EAP extension parameters, choose EAP-PEAP Step 6: EAP-PEAP parameters :  >>  6.1 Authority certificate : select downloaded certificate  >>  6.2 Username : configured Radius username Step 7: on Next TAB (see the right arrow on top right of the screen)  >>  7.1 EAP-MSCHAPv2 (username & password : radius configured username and password) Your device is now configured.